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We know that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we offer customized software solutions to meet your specific needs.

About us

Focused on providing Quality

Since founding in 2012 HostinKing is committed to provide German quality with global availability. We focus on the stability of our Data Centers, rigorous internal processes and the high standards of customer support.

Incredible Prices

While everyone brags about their prices, we actually deliver on this promise. For example whenever choosing hardware we not only look at the raw performance, but also on the purchase price in relation to performance and power consumption.

Customer Is King

In HostinKing we believe that every customer deservers a Premium Support Experience no matter they spend thousands or just $7.99 a month. That's why we've set rigorous quality standards for our support team making sure that your experience is as good as possible.

4 Reasons Behind HostinKing Low Prices

Right Hardware

At HostinKing we always carefully check not only the relation between purchase price and the performance offered

(CPU Performance per dollar), but we also look at the energy efficiency

(CPU Performance per Watt) and durability of each hardware component. This way we can be sure that purchased hardware will be long-lasting and inexpensive to operate which translates directly into our ability to offer low prices.


We use proprietary optimization scripts to manage load on our servers. This way we are able to offer stable performance for all our customers at great price point.

Also our logistics and warehouse management are optimized to reduce waste and thus give us space to offer even better prices.

Scale & Standarization

Our prices are low prices because of the effects of scale.

Of course companies like AWS are bigger than us, but unlike most of our competitors we have a fully unified hardware platform in all Data Centers around the world. Thanks to that we not only get better discounts on purchase prices (which we then can pass on to our customers), but we also save money & time on maintenance.

Lean Culture

known for looking at every dollar twice before spending it. And we are no different.

We don't invest in premium office locations or expensive company cars. Even our CEO shares the room with 3 other people.

Thanks to this lean approach, even with our low prices, we are profitable.

© 2018-2024 HostinKing. all rights reserved.

© 2018-2024 HostinKing. all rights reserved.

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