What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that makes your website available on the internet. When you get a hosting plan, you rent space on a physical server to store all the website’s data and files. There are many types of hosting available, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS. While most web hosting providers offer similar plans, the more popular a website is, the more resources it will need to function effectively.

What are Shared Hosting Benefits?

Multiple websites are hosted on the same server, and each user is allocated a certain amount of storage space and resources. Often, this is the most affordable option available, so it is an excellent option for hobbyists and bloggers.

How do I get started with Shared Hosting?

Helps you scale your hosting plans when you need it. So, you can start with a simple shared hosting plan and gradually upgrade to a VPS hosting plan.

How do I migrate to HostinKing.com?

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages because it provides an affordable way to get your website online. Shared Hosting works by allowing multiple users to share space on a single server maintained by the hosting provider.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system used to build and publish websites. It powers more than 40% of all websites, making it the most widely-used website-building platform on the market. Why is WordPress so popular? First, it’s beginner-friendly. You don’t need to know how to code to build a fully-functional site. Second, it’s open-source – anyone can build on top of the core software and create a website exactly to their liking.

What is WordPress used for?

In the early days, WordPress used to be known as a blogging platform. Over the years, millions of WordPress users have created various types of websites, such as online stores, portfolios, resumes, forums, publications, and membership sites. What makes WordPress so versatile are the plugins, which add extra features on top of the core software. For instance, the WooCommerce plugin enables users to build an online store, offering essential eCommerce tools like storefront customization, inventory management, and payment processing.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is typically a shared hosting service configured and optimized for WordPress sites. At its core, it works like any other hosting, providing a server space to store and publish website files. As a managed WordPress host, we offer many WordPress-specific features, such as the 1-click installer. With this feature, you won’t have to manually install WordPress on your hosting plan. It will automatically set up the software for you, so you can get right to building and publishing your WordPress sites.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means the web hosting providers will take care of the back-end maintenance for you. It is the best website hosting for WordPress sites because you don’t have to worry about technical adjustments, update management, or server optimization. Choosing such a reliable hosting service will help you focus on building your WordPress site’s content and increasing traffic. Since managed WordPress hosting doesn’t require any technical know-how, it’s ideal for beginners and users with limited time on their hands.

What is the difference between web hosting and WordPress web hosting?

What differentiates standard web hosting from WordPress hosting is that the latter is usually optimized around WordPress and includes additional features. In a standard web hosting plan, you can install various CMSs – including WordPress. As such, it’s possible to host multiple sites using different website-building platforms. That said, standard hosting doesn’t include the specific advantages of WordPress hosting, such as speed-optimization features and customer support provided by in-house WordPress experts.

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most flexible web hosting options. Using private partition technology, you will get dedicated resources on a physical server. You can freely control, customize, and configure your server. Therefore, VPS is the perfect option for professionals who need flexibility and power for their projects. We offer unmanaged VPS hosting services, so you will be responsible for all the work inside the server. However, HostinKing takes care of the back-end, manages the physical servers, and guarantees speed, uptime, and stability.

What is a self-managed service?

Since our VPS hosting is self-managed, you’re fully responsible for configuring and managing your virtual server. This provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility, but it also means that you must have the technical skills to use it to its full potential.

What is VPS hosting used for?

VPS hosting is designed for online projects that need more power and flexibility. A VPS host provides allocated resources entirely controlled at your will. You don’t need to share your CPU power, RAM, or disk space. With full root access, you can install any supported OS, configure server settings to your liking, work on resource-heavy projects, and track all your resources in real-time.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that's assigned to a single organization. You need a server to host or run your applications and websites so that your users can access your services. The hosting provider manages and maintains the physical server resources and allocates them to different customers.

Who needs Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are a good option for businesses that need to handle high traffic or that need to run demanding applications. Dedicated servers can be more expensive than other types of hosting, but they can offer better performance and security.

What is a VDS? How is it different from a VPS?

They are similar hosting types, but there are some fundamental differences. A VPS supports multiple instances on a single dedicated server. Meanwhile, a virtual dedicated server (VDS) will do the same, but it takes up the entirety of the dedicated server. VPS hosting is the perfect price-to-performance option for medium-to-large projects. Besides offering plenty of resources and control, it’s also more affordable than a VDS.

What is a self-managed service?

Since our VPS hosting is self-managed, you’re fully responsible for configuring and managing your virtual server. This provides unparalleled freedom and flexibility, but it also means that you must have the technical skills to use it to its full potential.

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