How to Fix WordPress Plugins or Theme Errors

DateMay 17, 2023

If you find errors similar to these when accessing your website:

A sample of webiste errors

Or after enabling PHP errors display, it can be due to different reasons. Let’s go over some of the more common reasons and how to fix them:

  • Website migration – if you recently migrated your website to, it is possibly due to a different PHP version. Try changing your PHP version to match that of your previous hosting. If the issue persists, try to re-upload your website files
  • WordPress update – if the errors appeared after a WordPress core update, it indicates either one of your plugins or themes uses outdated functions that are no longer supported or that something went wrong during the update. Try restoring your website from backups and updating the WordPress version once more. If the issue occurs again, you will need to replace the plugin or theme with an alternative compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Theme/plugin update – same as above, you will need to restore your website from backups and perform the changes again. If the update presents errors again, you will need to either reinstall the plugin or theme or find an alternative

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© 2018-2024 HostinKing. all rights reserved.

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